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Over 1000 LHD cars are sold through Japanese vehicle auctions every week. Used car dealers from USA, Canada, Europe regularly purchase LHD cars in Japan for both personal and commercial needs.

Japan is the second largest world vehicle market next to USA with over 100 million automobiles available. Every Japanese family owns at least two cars.  They are basically used for driving to work in the morning and back home in the evening, as well as for weekend shopping rides. Japanese prefer making long trips by railway, as it is much cheaper and faster than by car. Therefore, annual mileage of an average Japanese car is about 5’000-10’000 km.There are no restrictions concerning LHD vehicles operation in Japan. Moreover, Japanese find it prestigious and honorable to own an LHD car, esp. Mercedes or BMW. Such cars are really appreciated and valued, being used as means of transport on special occasions only. Due to this peculiarity, even 30-years-old LHD cars from Japan are of a much better quality than those from EU.

In Germany or US it is practically impossible to purchase a car of 1990-2000 manufacture years with a small mileage and in good condition, while in Japan it is a matter of course. At the same time, prices for such vehicles in Japan can be several times lower than German ones. Compare Japanese and German prices for LHD cars:


Make  Model  Year Price in Japan Price in USA Price in EU
Mercedes Benz C220 / 1994
Mercedes Benz E230 / 1997
Mercedes Benz E230 / 1997
Mercedes Benz E230 / 1997
Mercedes Benz E230 / 1997
Mercedes Benz E230 / 1997
BMW 528i / 1996
BMW Z3 / 1997
Porsche Boxster / 1997
Porsche 911 / 1990
AUDI TT /  2000
Volvo XC70 AWD / 2002



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