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Milsped d.o.o.

We are expanding our business in Europe and pleased to announce that from September 1st 2012, we will begin shipping to the Slovenian port of Koper.

The Koper port is located in the south of Europe on the Adriatic coast and is a free economic zone.

A convenient location will allow you to reduce the cost of delivering cars to South Germany, Northern Italy, Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe.

Milšped d.o.o. our forwarder and customs agent in Koper/Slovenija:


Milšped d.o.o.
Ankaranska cesta 5a, 6000 Koper, Slovenija

Mr. David Sukljan

Tel: +386-3064-10-56
Tel. +386-5904-28-68
Email: david.sukljan@milsped.com